Sam Harris

Samantha Harris

Middle School Librarian

Office | 253.620.8414
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At Charles Wright Academy Since 2004

University of Washington, MLIS
Loyola University – Chicago, MEd
Santa Clara University, BS

Samantha Harris is the Middle School librarian. She works with language arts and English teachers to provide regular book talks to students- introducing them to new book genres, exciting characters, and diverse authors. She also teams with faculty to develop research projects for students, co-teaching those units for two to four weeks at a time. The projects range from writing opinion essays, to researching local history or, developing worse-case scenario survival guides for potential volcanic eruptions.

Harris also partners with Holly Gerla to provide workshops for parents, teachers, and students regarding digital ethics and the impact of technology on our lives.

“I love connecting students to books that they fall in love with,” says Harris. “I am so happy for kids when they finally get hooked and become readers. I also like to see them get excited about a subject and delve deeply into the content. It’s so cool when they go beyond considering it homework and begin to live the research. I love being a detective with them, hunting down the best research and the most interesting facts.”

Harris has advised the Middle School book club, philosophy club, and knitting club. She is a co-chair of the school’s diversity committee, and is the Murray Foundation Chair for Teaching Excellence.

Off campus, Harris volunteers at the Oasis Youth Center and is a member of the board at the Tacoma Rainbow Center. Not surprisingly, she also loves to read. Science fiction and fantasy books are her favorites. She also enjoys knitting socks, hats and tiny adorable creatures for friends and family. One day she hopes to spend more time traveling to England, Ireland, and the Isle of Man, where she was born; live on a farm with donkeys, goats, and chickens; and write a best-selling, young-adult book that will leave the Hunger Games series in the dust.