Rachel Rippl

Middle School English Teacher

Office | 253.620.8344
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At Charles Wright Academy Since 2006

Antioch University, MAT
University of Washington, BA

Rachel Rippl teaches sixth grade language arts. “I love teaching Middle School students because the kids bring such incredible energy into the classroom and sometimes I get to be twelve again too!” says Rippl.

Rippl particularly enjoys teaching poetry and opinion essay writing. “The students’ poetry reveals entirely new sides of their personalities, both humorous and sentimental,” says Rippl. “They are more comfortable with one another because this is the second unit of the year, usually starting in November, so they take greater risks in expressing themselves.”

“The opinion essays are the final project of the year and it’s exciting to see how far the students have come with their writing. They’ve internalized the steps of the writing process and it comes naturally to revise and edit which seemed like foreign ideas back in September. Many students pick topics that they are passionate about, such as allowing sixth graders to play on school sports teams or protecting the red fox from becoming an endangered species. I enjoy watching them research, interview and argue their opinions.”

“One of the best parts about teaching at CWA is that the curriculum is fluid,” she explains. “I am constantly re-evaluating the curriculum and making adjustments based on professional development workshops and the current students’ needs.”

Rippl enjoys running and finished her first marathon on her 21st birthday. She bakes birthday treats for the middle school faculty each month and her most popular cake is angel food with whipped cream frosting and fresh strawberries. “Some staff members complain that their healthy eating habits may have taken an unfortunate turn for the worse since my arrival, but most are happy to indulge,” she says.