Welcome to the Beginning School at Charles Wright Academy

Preschool for children ages 3 to 5

Where your child will be known, challenged, and nurtured

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Young learners are joyful

Experiential, hands-on education begins with our youngest learners.

We put an explicit emphasis on providing rich, joyful, play-based learning experiences so your child grows socially, academically, emotionally, and physically, and is prepared to move successfully into the K-12 space.

Young learners are powerful

The Beginning School program at CWA empowers your child through meaningful experiential opportunities to explore materials and space, offer predictions and hypotheses, and make connections with their world.

Our research-based approach is balanced and focuses on whole-child growth and development—empowering your child to be persistent, focused, and thoughtful.

Young learners are curious

Play-based and inquiry-based learning leverages the natural curiosity in all children. Good questions lead to more questions!

CWA’s vibrant, proprietary curriculum—anchored in research and best practice learning standards—nurtures and develops curious minds.

Program Details

They are capable

We view children as fully-capable, fully-formed learners who are known and seen as essential members of our school community.

Children are given ownership of their own learning—curiosity-driven and inquiry-focused—as they grow into lifelong learners.

How to Apply

CWA welcomes applicants turning 3
by August 31

Preschool students on the playground