The Megan Kelley Memorial Scholarship
at Charles Wright Academy

Megan Kelley ’10 was the quintessential Charles Wright Academy student. Many members of the CWA community describe her as kind, hardworking, resilient, independent, adventurous, bighearted, inclusive, caring, and having a sweet spirit. Megan had a positive impact on everyone with her big smile, a warm hello, and a true sense that she was interested in talking with you. Megan was a class leader, played soccer and tennis, and was an active participant in all parts of CWA during her high school career. As a senior, Megan received the Havens Award, which is presented to a senior who encourages the talents of others and enthusiastically supports the life of the school. She touched the lives of everyone in the community.

Megan graduated from CWA and attended Claremont McKenna College in California. Claremont fueled her passion for learning, both in and out of the classroom. She received her degree in economics in May 2014. After college, Megan moved to San Francisco, where she took on the Bay Area job landscape and quickly advanced her marketing career.

Most importantly, Megan loved. She loved fiercely and with her whole heart. She was humble and genuine, with a magnetic, adventurous spirit that inspired those around her. She was extremely close with her immediate family: mother Laurie O. Kelley ’82, father David “Reed” Kelley ’80, and siblings Lauren R. Kelley ’07 and David “Austin” Kelley ’13.

Through the Megan Kelley Memorial Scholarship, she will continue to enrich the lives of the students who walk the halls of Charles Wright Academy, today as well as tomorrow.

The Megan Kelley Memorial Scholarship fund will help support four female students, one from each Upper School class. The selected students will be those who are recognized leaders on campus; are actively involved in athletics, outdoor education and other extracurricular activities; possess a deep love of learning; and are respected by their peers. They may continue to receive the scholarship until graduation.

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