Junior kindergarten field trips include excursions to Schilter Family Farm and Pumpkin Patch, Seattle Children’s Theater, Jim’s U-Fish at Old McDebbie’s Farm, and Puyallup Fair School.

Kindergarten field trips include outings to West Pierce Fire and Rescue, Curran Apple Orchard, Schilter Family Farm and Pumpkin Patch, Seattle Children’s Theater and Seattle Center, Puyallup Fair School, and Titlow Beach and Park.

Kids Club provides supervised care after school for students ages 5 and older.

After-school enrichment programs include Chess Club, Running Club, baseball, basketball, and soccer. When students reach the first grade, they will have even more afterschool options.

Where it leads

The foundation we lay in the Lower School prepares students with the skills they need to learn and grow through their Middle and Upper School years, ultimately preparing them for college and life. A Charles Wright education is the best investment parents can make in their children’s futures.

Our Lower School teachers work closely with our Middle and Upper School faculty to make sure our curriculum, expectations, and teaching strategies effectively build on each other from year to year. The constant communication between teachers ensures every student is ready for the next challenge.

There is something very special about attending as many as 14 years of school on one campus. Our Lower School teachers serve as coaches and mentors for their students long after they leave their classrooms. They are often among the first to hear when a student is accepted to college. Students also form lifelong friendships with one another.