Heidi Huckins

Middle and Upper School Instrumental Music Teacher

Office | 253.620.8322
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At Charles Wright Academy Since 1999

University of Colorado, MMu
University of New Hampshire, BMu

Heidi Huckins is the Director of Instrumental Music for Charles Wright.  Huckins says that she has always loved being around kids. “I had an amazing music teacher in middle school and because of her I started thinking that combining my love of music and sharing that with kids would make for a great career for me.” While in college, Heidi worked as a camp counselor and says she not only felt a connection with the kids but also felt like she had an affect on their lives. “It was powerful to think about what I might be able to do for kids if I were able to teach them for several years instead of just a few weeks in the summer.”

Huckins says that every day she is surprised, “in a good way”, by something that a student does or says. “Kids are hilarious and every class has its own personality, which keeps things interesting. I love seeing kids progress throughout the year. What they accomplish between September and June never ceases to amaze me.”

One of the many things that Huckins loves about Charles Wright Academy is keeping up with the students that she has taught after they’ve graduated. “It is so great to get a call, an email or a visit out of the blue from an alum and just catch up on their post-CWA life.” Huckins says that she also loves her colleagues. “There is always someone to bounce an idea off of or share a story or a laugh with. We work with some of the most talented, intelligent and compassionate people I have ever met.”

When asked about her favorite hobbies, Huckins asked, “Is your family considered a hobby?”  Heidi loves “anything you can do outdoors” and hopes to someday get back to leading Outdoor Ed trips at CWA. “I love beaches and mountains and am a big fan of yoga.” Throughout the year, she plays clarinet with the Tacoma Concert Band. Of course music is very important to her, and she enjoys performing as much as she can.