Stephani Crozier with remote students on laptop 2021
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Today’s students face rapidly changing technology, unprecedented access to information from across the globe, and a continuously shifting, yet polarized terrain. Finding their feet, their voice, their strengths and their place as they grow is not a journey they can traverse alone. They rely on their families, peers, and, of course, mentors and teachers to help them grow into the leaders this world needs.

Professional development is the single greatest investment we can make in our school that will have the most impact on outcomes for all students.

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Our faculty have worked hard to maintain active, joyful learning opportunities for our students—in person and remotely—throughout this challenging year. They’ve done so with grace, compassion and perseverance. They have innovated, collaborated and cared for each other and their students.

DuChante Davis helping a Middle School student wearing masks

But one thing has been clear during this difficult year.

Our faculty need access to professional development in four key areas over the next three years that is beyond what the school’s operating budget will cover:





Math teacher Leon Philips teaching remote students 2021
Faculty participating in professional development
Katie Miller leading an upper school outdoor ed hiking group
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