Dining at Charles Wright Academy

We are committed to providing quality food service at every meal for every student, which includes high standards for nutrition and healthy eating.

Charles Wright Academy partners with a premier food service provider, FLIK, to deliver an excellent dining experience for your child. Our food service focuses on cooking from fresh, whole foods with minimal frozen or processed ingredients to enhance quality and variety.

Our menus are diverse, balanced, feature regional and local foods, and are created specifically for the Charles Wright Community.

Commitment to Quality

Dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients. We limit frozen, canned, and processed foods, avoiding artificial ingredients, and preservatives.

Food is displayed in small portions and replenished frequently.

A great presentation is key to encourage participation and healthy eating.

Local, sustainable, responsibly sourced ingredients are purchased, when possible.

We have high nutrition standards, enabling healthy student choices.

Menus reflect diverse needs, offering vegetarian, vegan, and allergen-friendly options. They are also created on-site to reflect what the community enjoys.

To help students make healthy choices, we develop educational materials such as cafe signage. 


We understand and take very seriously our responsibility to educate our culinary staff about safe food preparation.

Wholesome ingredients and balanced meals allow students to make their own choices within already defined healthful boundaries. Ongoing food safety training led by our on-site Chef Manager ensures our staff is equipped with the knowledge to serve your students safely.

The staff is also required to attend a comprehensive food allergy training session by our nutrition specialist each semester. They learn the basics of food allergies for their role as food service providers to serve individuals safely.

*If you are a current family please log in to Veracross for instructions on how to set up your food service account.

COVID-19 Update

Temperature and symptom checks

All servers are screened and must be fever-free.

Any team members who show symptoms are not permitted to work.

Return to work is not permitted until proper requirements are met regarding duration of symptoms, testing, and quarantine.

Handwashing, Glove Changing, and Cleaning

All high touch surfaces are cleaned and sanitized every hour throughout service.

All food and non-food contact surfaces are cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected at the beginning and end of each shift, as prescribed by the Centers for Disease Control. 

Uniform Safety

Face shields or safety glasses, plus a cloth face mask are required for servers.

Kitchen staff are required to wear safety glasses and a cloth mask.

Gloves are placed at each area of service.

Personal protective equipment must be regularly cleaned and sanitized.

Pre-ordering & change in Operations

Physically distanced meal periods within their assigned cohorts in a classroom or outdoors.

Packaged classroom meal delivery.