Tyler Francis

Lower School Fitness Teacher, Assistant Director of Athletics

Office | 253.620.8352
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At Charles Wright Academy Since 1996

Pacific Lutheran University, BA

Tyler Francis teaches fitness in the Lower School. “I particularly enjoy playing soccer with junior kindergarten, kindergarten and first grade students,” he says. “Everyone can kick, run, shoot and score. Their dribbling isn’t always the prettiest, but every one of them can be successful.”

Francis also coaches basketball and baseball. During his tenure he has also coached football and soccer. Francis hopes his students will remember him as a calm person they could always find when they need to talk something out. Over the years he has enjoyed watching students he taught in junior kindergarten grow and develop over the years into Upper Schoolers. In 2009 he was honored by the CWA Parent Association with the school’s Inspirational Faculty award, the highest honor a teacher can receive.

In 2008 Francis coached the varsity boys basketball team to the school’s first basketball state championship. At the annual auction, one team member’s parents bought a jersey from the game signed by every member of the team. They immediately gave that framed jersey to Francis. “They didn’t have to do that,” says Francis. “But that team just sort of became like a family. I think those boys will always remember me as the guy that was sick the entire week of the state tournament and had to keep taking acid reducers. The state championship was just the perfect ending to the school’s 50th year.”

“Charles Wright isn’t just my job, it’s my hobby,” jokes Francis who often puts in long hours scouting basketball teams all over the state. He also enjoys playing softball, teaching Sunday school and being a great dad to his two sons, both Charles Wright students. He likes to go camping but notes that while some members of the family enjoy spending weeks in the backcountry, he prefers camping in a trailer with a hot shower and cable television so he can watch the Mariners play while admiring the sunset.