Christopher Hoppin

Middle School Visual Arts Teacher, Art Department Chair

Office | 253.620.8403
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At Charles Wright Academy Since 2001

Montana State University, BA

Christopher Hoppin teaches visual arts and serves as the team leader for eighth grade. He hopes his students develop a passion to make, support, and/or appreciate, the arts. His favorite class project involves using the software program Photoshop. “I learn as much as I teach and the kids help each other more than during any other project,” he explains.

In addition to teaching, Hoppin coaches cross-country and Ultimate, and participates in the annual four-day, eighth grade “beach hike” backpacking trip. His favorite memories at Charles Wright are of jumping into the Pacific Ocean with his entire hiking group, and of watching almost 200 students joyfully playing a game of princess together at Middle School camp.

Like all of the art teachers at Charles Wright, he is a professional artist, sculptor, and designer. “I have never worked anywhere else where adults put so much trust in kids,” he says. “Kids come to us for help on a regular basis because they trust us as much as we trust them.” Hoppin is also a swimmer, tennis player, mountain biker, skier and traveler. He collects antique oil cans, and has dogs that are named, O’Pepper McShnootigans, Bingo, and Epo Vamo.