Alia Greenbaum

Middle School and Upper School Japanese Teacher

Office | 253.620.8446
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At Charles Wright Academy Since 2013

College of William & Mary, BA

Alia Greenbaum is a Middle School and Upper School Japanese teacher who comes to Charles Wright after spending more than five years teaching in Japan. Believing that studying world languages broadens students’ minds and introduces them to new cultures and historical perspectives, Greenbaum encourages students to approach studying Japanese by looking at the big picture- taking a more well-rounded approach to learning about the “real” Japan, not just the stereotypes of Samurai

[or] robots and monsters destroying the country, that the media portrays.”

Greenbaum (or Alia-sensei, as her students call her) is impressed with her students’ determination in the classroom. “All the students have this love for learning and thirst for knowledge, and [they] aren’t afraid to speak up, try, and even make mistakes,” she says.

An admirer of horses, Greenbaum has been riding since she was six and competes in hunter and jumper competitions as well as a form of Japanese mounted archery called Yabusame. She’s also a music lover who has performed in choir and a capella groups for most of her life.